GDI Air Solutions
Antibacterial Treatment

What is “Bacteria Build Up”?

If you don't have your air conditioning serviced at regular intervals your health could be at risk. Even on relatively new air conditioning systems bacteria can build up with potentially nasty consequences. This is commonly known as ‘Car Sickness Syndrome’ and is caused by bacteria build up and growth in the air conditioning system. The first signs of any problem are wet cement or sweaty sock like odours emitting from the system vents. If this problem is not treated effectively it will cause you illnesses such as flu, asthma and allergy type symptoms. Most commonly are headaches and irritation of the throat and eyes.

The Cure…

The only effective method of killing bacteria is the use of (03) ozone. We use sophisticated equipment that converts oxygen to ozone. Ozone seeps into the crevices, carpets and foot wells and into the vehicle air conditioning system and evaporator killing all known bacteria dead, leaving the car and air conditioning system bacteria free and smelling clean and fresh. To complete this purification process we use an anti bacterial spray direct into the vents and pollen filter.

Removal of bad smells

Ozone treatment will also eliminate bad smells and odours such as cigarette, pet and baby smells and will even remove the smell and bacteria caused by spilt milk.

Special Ozone treatment offer: £55.00 + V.A.T.